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testimonialsPatient Reviews for Smith Chiropractic Clinic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Smith Chiropractic Clinic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Andy Smith


Awesome Experience

Having never been to a chiropractor, I was a bit skeptical and unsure what to expect. The pain was bad enough I had to do something. The experience in my visits has been exceptional. The doctor and staff are all awesome. My issue has been almost completely resolved, even after only 4 visits. I can’t see myself going to any other chiropractor than this office.

– Patrick B.


Warm and Friendly

Warm and friendly staff. Dr. Smith does an excellent job explaining the potential cause of pain and clearly describes the treatment. I left feeling that I can be treated and can look forward to being at my optimum health level.

– Carrie J.


Extremely Kind

Dr. Smith & his wife Nancy are so extremely kind. You can tell that they genuinely just want to help their patients. They are always happy and the clinic environment is comfortable and welcoming. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to check them out.

– Courtney G.


Absolutely Fantastic!

Dr. Andy Smith and his staff, are absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering from body pain. Dr. Smith honestly takes the time to actually listen to your needs, as well as provide you with easy understanding of your problem.

– Caleb R.


Fabulous Service

Fabulous service and this is the first chiropractor that actually has a plan of attack to fix my specific issues. Dr. Smith is very organized and I believe, through his diligence, that we are working and tracking an actual plan.

– Michael D.


Multiple Sclerosis and Scoliosis

I have been a patient of Dr. Smith for over 15 years. I have Multiple Sclerosis and scoliosis. Dr. Smith is very skillful at identifying the cause of my pain and alleviating it. Also, I have neurological dysfunction which Dr. Smith’s treatments have greatly improved. I would be totally wheelchair bound today without Dr. Smith’s care and treatments. The staff at Smith Chiropractic are compassionate and easy to work with. I highly recommend Smith Chiropractic Clinic.

– Charles S.

Added Benefit…Lower Blood Pressure

I originally went to Dr Andy Smith for pain in my back, neck, arm and hands. After a couple of months I have no lower back or hand pain, my arm and neck are much better and continuing to improve. And a couple of added benefits I didn’t expect. One is that my blood pressure is significantly lower; I’ve been able to cut my BP Meds in half. The other is that my head has always tilted slightly to the right, I noticed in a new ID pic last week that it’s no longer tilted. Chiropractic really does work!

– Clifton R.

Essentially Pain Free

My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Smith for about four months for her lower back pain and two months for my pain in the legs. We are extremely satisfied with the results of the treatment. My wife is essentially pain free and I am just about there. Dr. Smith’s approach to treatment is very professional from the diagnosis through the maintenance period. There is no promise of a miracle cure. He makes the diagnosis and then explains the treatment in an understandable way and then says give me a certain number of visits and I believe I can correct the problem. Both my wife and I were feeling so much better after those first designated visits. Dr. Smith was able to show the progress via x-ray comparisons – quite impressive. We are now in process of maintaining that positive progress. Thanks to Katrina and Nancy for guiding us through the process. We highly recommend Smith Chiropractic Clinic.

– Brian and Sandra C.

Getting My Spine Back In Shape

I have had issues for many years. I started seeing Dr. Andy and have for about a year. Dr. Andy helped correct many issues with my spine and I feel better no than I have in many years. Dr. Andy listens and works on those areas that need it each visit. I also love his massage chair. Thanks Dr. Andy, Katrina, and Nancy for helping me get my spine back in good shape.

– Michelle C.

Weight Loss and Health

I am so pleased with the compassionate, professional care I have received with Dr. Andy and staff. I began the Wellness program about 3 months ago, and I have completely changed my ideas about weight loss and health. I already have lost over 20 pounds and sleep better than I have in over 25 years! My goal is to improve my overall health and I know I have a team working with me to be the healthiest I have ever been. If you need motivation and really want a better quality of life, come here!! You will be amazed at the care that is given to help you-you can achieve your health goals-do it for a better future-you deserve to be healthy!!!

– Linda M.

Back and Knee Pain

I thank God everyday for Dr. Andy Smith and his Chiropractic practice. I have had chronic and acute pain in my back and knees for years now, and his expertise and positive reassuring approach have made a remarkable change to my pain and activity levels. He took a complete medical history, x-rays and blood work to establish my health needs, he asked what my goals were for treatment, and listened carefully. He outlined the treatment plan he would like to implement, but left it up to me to select the extent and pace that worked best for me and my goals. I have improved steadily over the last year and 4 months. I exercise regularly without pain and can perform my job without discomfort. I highly recommend Dr. Andy Smith and his wonderful staff.

– Ann W.

Trust and Respect

I went to high school with Andy Smith. He graduated from Duke University! I have been a patient since 1977. Over the years I have hurt, strained and injured my shoulders, lower back and right hip. I trust and respect his knowledge and skill to assist my body to properly heal! I recommend his knowledge and skill to anyone! He will reduce your pain and discomfort. Second he will suggest treatment that will heal your injury. You will find Andy Smith very friendly and someone who really wants to help you properly heal and feel better!

– Jim M.

Worth The Time and Effort

Several months ago I began having pain in my upper and lower back. It gradually became debilitating and I could not continue my normal life activities. After a consultation, examination, and X Rays, Dr. Smith found that my spine had begun to curve and over time had caused the muscles to weaken, both of which were causing my back pain. He advised me that this would not be a quick fix but could be improved. The lower back pain, which was the worst, went away fairly quickly. The upper back was more stubborn. However, it has improved dramatically over time. I could not be happier with my improvement and am back to most of my normal activities. He was right that this would not be a quick fix, but it is well worth the time and effort. The office is run very efficiently in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I am very appreciative of the care that I have received and the manner in which it was given. Thank you to Smith Chiropractic Clinic!

– Mary Ann K.

Taking The Time To Help Me Heal

Four plus years ago I was having foot pain and Dr. Smith was recommended to me by a co- worker. I was so thankful for what he did for me. I am still pain free with my foot. Then 5 months ago I started having hip and lower back pain. I went to another chiropractor that was a little closer to me but was not happy with my choice, so I went back to Dr. Smith. Again very thankful! What I like about Dr. Smith is that he has his staff to take x-rays. He takes the time to review this with you, giving full explanation about what he would like to do to help you and setting goals to get there. Now with treatments I am able to walk better, work better and I have my energy back!! I also have several family members that go to Dr. Smith. I highly recommend Smith Chiropractic Clinic!!

– Lynne G.

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