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About Smith Chiropractic Clinic

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Cabarrus, Rowan, and Stanley county communities since 1978. Dr. Smith grew up in Concord, N.C. and wanted to bring the best chiropractic care possible to his family, friends, and the community of his youth.

My mission is to adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through specific chiropractic care.
Dr. Smith

The Best Chiropractic Results and your Goals

Each patient entering our office is special and unique in their own way. My responsibility is to deliver to a patient their requested goals to the best of my ability in a timely and cost effective manner. Most patients begin care in my office due to the pain and discomfort from a specific accident/injury or a chronic pain that has worsened. For those whose goal it is to remove the pain only, we stop care when the pain is gone and they can call again if it returns.

The patients who seem to get the best results are those that make the decision to move past the relief phase of care and enter into the correction and retraining of the different bio-mechanical problems that over the years have developed into the underlying causes of their present pain and suffering. Through our mutual goals and successes, these patients have continued with a preventative wellness model of living.


Your Health Coach

In dealing successfully with spinal health and joint problems, a doctor must take on the role of a health coach in order to develop a game plan for identifying and then fixing the existing problem. The very best coaches who have the elite winning seasons in all sports have several things in common:

  • They have had a successful coach as their mentor
  • Years of experience practicing and perfecting their talents to improve their winning ways
  • Have developed a plan through a diversity of strategies that have proven to work.

Each opponent may require a different approach, but the playbook of the seasoned coaches experiences and proven methods can defeat most all who are encountered on the playing field, and then win it all.

I have taken this approach during the 33 years as a chiropractor. I have traveled and studied with many of the pioneers in chiropractic from around the world. The foundations learned from these men and women have assisted me in developing a system to successfully approach the different goals of my patients; to attain quick relief of pain, to retrain and support chronic spinal conditions, and to coach those who desire in optimizing their health potential with timely tune ups, exercise strategy, weight loss, and eating to fuel good heath, so the possibilities for staying healthy can become a way of life. Each patient can choose their particular goal level and I will match a game plan to accomplish the desired results.

Why We Are Unique

If you’ve ever dined at a 5 Star restaurant, we know that the food will be great, but a large part of the experience is telling your friends about the unbelievable service you received. It seemed like everyone involved in your experience from your entrance to departure knew their job and how to serve you in a very special way. In my opinion, that is how the staff at our Chiropractic office attends to the needs of my patients.

Contact us today and let us help you win the battle against your personal health concerns!

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