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Cabarrus County Families Love Smith Chiropractic Clinic


“Dr. Smith spent a great deal of time with me to explain my situation and to tell me how that together we would improve my situation. I have been impressed with his knowledge of functional medicine and I’m now working with him on a weight loss plan. Both Dr. Smith and the staff show a genuine concern and desire to help me. They have explained to me that my situation with my weight is not my fault nor is it a result of be being too lazy. This was the first time I’d ever had anyone (including myself) not blame me for my situation. They make it clear that reaching a healthy weight will take work and discipline on my part but they have stressed that they will be with me every step of the way. When your skeleton is burdened with carrying too much weight your back and pretty much everything else will hurt. Losing dangerous weight can only help. If you find that you’re in this situation please contact Dr. Smith; help is out there!”

- Karen S.

Calm environment, great care!- Bobbi Lynn H.
Excited about my continuing treatments!- Cynthia F.

I have never had a experience that gave me more help that I received with this clinic.
I look forward to every appointment.

Ronda G.

Love Your Office and Staff

Love your office and all the staff. Everyone is so helpful!! My husband and I really appreciate all you have done for us. We have seen such a change in the way we feel and in such a short amount of time. My husbands diabetes medicine is almost cut in half now. Thank you for all your help and teaching us about Functional Medicine. We will be sure to refer you to others.

- Gary and Julie

They Care About Your Well Being

Dr. Andy and Staff are awesome and they care about your well being. It will not be a wasted trip if you take the time to make the appointment!

Gaynell C.

Great care and wonderful staff. You are never just a number!Gail P.
Everyone is very nice and very caring to everyone!!- Teresa C.
I am very grateful for your help thanks so much!- Teresa K.

Thank You!

Should have listened to my daughter-in-law and come by earlier in the year. Thank you for your services.

Carol M.

Better than Before the Accident

I was feeling like I would hurt forever. Now I feel like I can get back to the me I was before the accident. Or maybe even better!

- Susan P.

Better Quality of Life

These visits have given me a better quality of living life. I’m so glad Ed encouraged me to see Dr. Andy after being in my car wreck. The car wreck jammed my right hip and knee so bad! With Dr. Andy’s help I’m getting better.

- Jodi

I really like Dr. Andy. He takes the time to tell you what is going on and explains how he is going to try to assist you.- Donald L.
So far, if this time with you does not result in my being able to be helped by you with my pain, I will come away from the experience for the better.- Boots B.

Highly Recommend Dr. Andy

Dr. Andy does a great job of explaining the things that are causing the symptoms, etc. and then articulately describes the treatment plan and expected outcome. I have experienced positive results from the very first treatment, and the improvement has continued through subsequent visits. Nancy and Katrina are also a pleasure to interact with and always have a smile on their face! I highly recommend Dr. Andy!

- Russ G.

Thank You So Much

I was told I would have to be operated on for my hand and two visits and I have complete use of my hand with no to very little pain my hip and leg feel better than ever I tell every one I can about DR.SMITH thank you so much.

- Johnie C.

I love this office!! They are very family oriented and so personable!! They treat their patients like people and not just a number. I would recommend them to anyone!!!!!!- Ashlee M.
The treatment is helping me to reach my potential health without having another surgery. I am taking less pain meds and feel like myself again:-).- Angie M.

Friendly and Helpful

Friendly and helpful. No long wait – very simplified process for a first time patient.

- Glendel H.

Was initially skeptical- NOT anymore!

As a physician myself, I was impressed with the level of service and the explanations that were given; clear and simple, not over complicated. Listened to my problem, did x-rays and looked at my MRI, showed me what was wrong and how we could fix my 2 months of ongoing back pain. Family owned and operated business and they treat you like family. Felt very welcome and comfortable- Dr. Andy is not heavy handed and made me relaxed and did not “hurt” me doing any adjustments. Was initially skeptical- NOT anymore!

- Dr. Thomas O.

I highly recommend Dr Smith to anyone that wants to feel better.

Jennifer B.

Professional Staff

The staff was very courteous and professional. I felt an improvement in my pain after just one adjustment.

- Judy H.

I Recommend Dr. Smith Without Hesitation

I am delighted to find a Chiropractor the quality of Dr. Smith. I have been to at least 4 while living in Florida and none compared to the quality care I have already received in just three visits. I have NEVER had reason to believe that the serious neuropathy in my right leg and foot due to severe shingles of the sciatic nerve in 2004 could ever be helped. I have had more then a few Medical Doctors tell me the nerves will never heal. After my initial visit and follow up visit with Dr. Smith… I believe his care will change my handicapped situation for the good. I will ‘gladly’ give up my ‘handicapped status’ for the healing/improvement of my right leg and foot. Thank you so much. I will recommend Dr. Smith without hesitation.

Sincerely, Rev. Judi R.


My experience has been exceptional. I was almost emotional with my first visit because everyone was so nice and listened patiently to my complaints and explained the structure of the body and how everything should work together. Finally, someone was going to help me without taking medications, which usually has tremendous side effects. I am very pleased.

- Sarah S.

I greatly appreciated from the very first consultation visit the genuine concern Dr. Smith showed me concerning my personal health situation and after he explained that he could help me and worked me into his already busy schedule for next day (Thursday) since weekend was upcoming and he normally closed on Friday and he did not want me to suffer any further pain than i had already experienced and Dr. Smith wanted to begin as soon as possible my road to recovery and a pain free treatment schedule. I have been on his treatment schedule for three weeks now and everything he explained to me from the beginning treatment process has made me feel a whole lot better both physically and mentally.- George B.

Very Pleased

I am very pleased with the whole staff, with Dr Andy’s knowledge which gives me faith in the in putting my health care in your hands.

-Keith S.

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